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We Are studioCRANTH

Husband and Wife duo since 2010


Here at studioCRANTH we believe that everyone should be able to live feeling good about themselves and their homes. Both coming from design backgrounds we started by designing and making custom wall art (which will be re-appearing soon) and have recently expanded into fitness and wellbeing to help people achieve a healthy balance of mind and body.

Our yoga and fitness classes are all about taking time out, giving yourself a bit of breathing space and having fun. Yoga has so many benefits for the body and the mind we want as many people as possible to feel more energised and happier from our classes. Having practised for over 15 years, and following the birth of our little boy, Anthea re-trained as a Yoga teacher specialising in pre and post natal exercise to help other yummy mummys feel good about themselves and make friends. Having recently gone through pregnancy and new motherhood herself she is extremely passionate about the healing work yoga can do. 

We offer a range of classes in the Ormskirk and surrounding area, including hatha yoga, pre and post natal yoga and a faster paced yoga fusion, catering for all abilities and walks of life and we don't take ourselves too seriously.


(In the very near future with your bookings you will also get access to extra online video classes as well.)

We look forward to seeing you in a class soon!

Rolling Yoga Mat
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